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Cover story currently appearing in Mimi Vanderhaven. Story by Patricia Nugent, Contributing Writer

A Better You

For Stacy K. of Concord, the revolving-door struggle with weight began early and continued throughout her life. “I remember having weekly weigh-ins with my family starting around age 12,” she recalls.

“I would lose weight, only to gain more back, and that constant dieting went on through my teens, college and beyond. It was awful.”

After marrying and having four children, she found herself exhausted all of the time, and the number on the scale had crept up to an all-time high of 220 pounds.
Then, several years ago, something clicked. She switched to a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, stopped counting calories and began running stairs.

“Finally I wasn’t hungry all the time and the weight slowly came off,” she says. Now at a svelte 130 pounds, the sweet-natured and stunning 40-something-year-old has never looked or felt better.
She says she has three words for anyone out there who might feel helpless in terms of their weight: never give up.

Turning “Why Bother” Into “Why Not?”

Though she went in for a consultation with Dr. Paul Vanek to tighten the skin on her neck after reading about him in Mimi Vanderhaven, Stacy ended up opting for a tummy tuck with Vaser Liposuction.

“I was surprised that he took so much time with me, listening intently about my weight loss journey,” she says. “He asked if there was anything about my body I’d like to change. I said that the loose skin around my pouchy stomach after the weight loss had bothered me, and that I’d always wanted a flat stomach. At my age though I was thinking…was it even worth it? But he turned ‘why bother’ into ‘why not?’ and now I’m thrilled that he did.”

Says Dr. Vanek, “I don’t have an agenda during consultations. They are a fluid process in which my patient simply tells me her story, and what her ideal body or face would look like. Then I educate her about the possibilities, explain various procedures and show before and after photos of my previous patients.”
In addition to Stacy’s tummy tuck, Dr. Vanek reattached the transverse inscriptions of muscles to give her ripped abs. And to make the procedure a home run in terms of body sculpting, he suggested taking some of the fat removed from her abdomen and gently injecting it into her breasts for a perkier, less deflated look.
“The effect on my breasts is so subtle, they stayed the same cup size, but are fuller and rounder, back to what they looked like before I had kids,” she says.
One more procedure—Vaser Lipo on Stacy’s lower back or “muffin top” area—is slated for this winter. The outpatient procedure takes about an hour and she will be able to shower the next day and get right back to her busy life.

“The only thing that matches Dr. Vanek’s expertise and warm and calming presence is his artistry,” she says. “He has the gift to make you look beautiful and natural.”

The Vaser Lipo Difference

“I only specialize in procedures that produce noticeable results with the least amount of trauma to the body or face,” he mentions. “That’s why I specialize in Vaser Liposuction. I inject a tumescent fluid into the affected area to liquefy targeted fat deposits, which are further broken up by an ultrasonic pulse. The procedure does not harm other tissue. Fat is gently suctioned out through a tiny calendula.”
He specifies that the best advantage of Vaser is that he can transfer fat to create volume and curves in other areas of the body, such as breasts, lips or butt.

Perfecting the Art of Mommy Makeovers

“I serve two main goals with Mommy Makeovers,” says Dr. Vanek. “First of all, we aim to restore our moms’ bodies and faces to pre-baby condition. And, secondly, we do so in a way that works within the confines of their busy schedules, with the least amount of downtime.”

As in Stacy’s case, rejuvenating the abdominal area with Vaser Lipo is often his first step.

“I feel for women who’ve had children and just cannot get back a flat stomach,” he says. “And then it’s not uncommon for me to perform other procedures, such as an eyelid lift or breast augmentation, at the same time.”

Revealing a Better You

With the holidays soon here, he mentions this is a popular time of year for non-invasive, age-defying techniques such as adding volume to the face, smoothing wrinkles with Botox, and opting for eyelid lift surgery, upper and lower, for a more wide-awake, refreshed look.

“These processes have a short recovery period and patients have plenty of time in their social calendars for them,” he says. “I also perform more breast augmentations this time of year. Who doesn’t want to look their best for holiday events?”

Breast augmentations only take about an hour to give ladies the wow factor they’ve been dreaming of, sometimes their whole lives.
Dr. Vanek inserts implants behind the muscle through a nearly invisible incision made under the bottom crease of the breast. He credits the more natural-looking results for the explosive growth of this procedure in his office.

“Overall, our patients say that what distinguishes our practice is the quality of the outcome of our procedures, and the warm and inviting atmosphere our staff strives to create,” he says. “Patients describe their experience here as comforting and nurturing, and I’m proud of that.”

Dr. Paul Vanek is double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery and is a Fellow of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Thanks to a patient financing program, people don’t have to wait for their services. His offices are easily accessible from I-90, located at 9485 Mentor Avenue, Suite 100 in Mentor. For more information, call 440-205-5750 or visit Check out the gallery on his site to see striking before and after photos of actual patients.