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Our patient Kathy is pretty happy and excited as she speaks with Dr. Vanek on her recent face and neck lift.

Here she is 5 days post-op, January, 2017 and said, “it’s unbelievable….it feels tight but no pain at all”.

Dr. Vanek: Tell me what happened five days ago.
Kathy: I had a face and neck lift.
Dr. Vanek: You did?
Kathy: I did.
Dr. Vanek: How do you like it?
Kathy: You did a wonderful job.
Dr. Vanek: Thank you. I’m going to pivot around here and show you off.
Kathy: Okay.
Dr. Vanek: I have some little blue marking pen there. That’s going to wash off in a couple of days. Your hair looks so nice. Did you style it this morning?
Kathy: I just threw a couple rollers in it when I took my shower last night.
Dr. Vanek: How do you like this neck?
Kathy: It’s unbelievable.
Dr. Vanek: Are you having any pain?
Kathy: No. It feels tight but no pain at all.
Dr. Vanek: Show me behind your ears. Let me see your incisions in front and behind your ear. Can I show people?
Kathy: Yeah.
Dr. Vanek: Right there. Very close. There’s one right there. Little bruising. Then let your hair down and let’s do this one. Did you think it would be like this?
Kathy: I really didn’t know what the stitches would be like. But they’re hardly noticeable even in.
Dr. Vanek: Yeah. Does anybody notice you had a facelift?
Kathy: I haven’t seen anyone.
Dr. Vanek: You just come to see me? Do you feel comfortable to go shopping or do other things?
Kathy: Yeah. I’m going to stop at the store on my way home.
Dr. Vanek: I just took a little tape off under your chin. Did that hurt?
Kathy: No.
Dr. Vanek: There’s a little woven suture there, that came out today. Any pinch?
Kathy: Little pinch. Hardly anything.
Dr. Vanek: You drove today?
Kathy: Yes.
Dr. Vanek: Is it okay if I show other people how great you look?
Kathy: Yes.
Dr. Vanek: That’s great.

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