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After having gastric bypass, my stretched skin sags. Is surgery my only option? - Vanek Plastic Surgery, Cleveland, Ohio

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Congratulations! A number of my patients have endured great sacrifice, and/or undergone gastric bypass surgery to lose a lot of weight. After this major improvement to their appearance and health, they decided that they were not satisfied with any solution to their sagging excess skin except body and face contouring surgery. There often were health issues also, as they experienced infections and painful rashes where skin folded and rubbed together, such as in the abdomen, thighs and arms.

It is important that your weight be stabilized before undergoing any procedures. If you are still losing weight or balancing your ideal weight, you may do research and choose your doctor, but it is premature to have surgery.

Options for dealing with sagging skin

Depending on your particular conditions, you may choose a total body-lift. This includes a lower body-lift (also called a circumferential body-lift) with tummy-tuck, lateral thigh-lift and buttock-lift or augmentation. The upper body-lift (also called an upper trunk-lift) includes an arm-lift, and removing excess skin below the armpits. Women may also choose a breast-lift or breast-augmentation. If you have a large amount of excess skin on your neck or face, we can also discuss those lifts.  I strongly recommend these be done in stages, to minimize risk of complication.

You may find a Bariatric Surgeon who offers to do some of these procedures. While you may research this option, most patients choose a plastic surgeon to put the “finishing touch” on their transformation. With the amount of attention you will get from family and friends, you will want minimal evidence that you underwent these procedures.

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