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Kristi Garabrandt, a reporter with Lake County newspaper, The News-Herald, posted a heartwarming story on February 3rd about Georgi Anderson, a marketing executive from Minneapolis who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and traveled more than 800 miles to see Dr. Paul Vanek for treatment.

Anderson learned late last year that she’d need a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. The article states:

Anderson called Vanek, who also serves as chief of surgical staff at Lake Health, to seek advice and discuss what options were available to her. After Vanek advised her to check with board certified plastic surgeons in her area and she didn’t find any solutions that suited her, she decided to travel to Ohio to have Vanek do her surgery.

It was a surgery he specialized in that is performed by few surgeons, Anderson said.

Where most implant surgeries require expanders placed under a patient’s pectoral muscles that need to be inflated every 10 days for six months, the procedure Vanek used did not, Anderson said, noting that is what she was looking for.

The article also mentions that Anderson would be Dr. Vanek’s personal house guest for 5-7 days of her recovery. To read the full article: