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Acne, Hypertrophic and Post-Traumatic Scars

What is the Difference Between Acne, Hypertrophic and Post-Traumatic Scars?

Both Acne and Hypertrophic scars result from an overproduction of collagen at the site of their respective wounds. Acne scars are generally depressed scars while Hypertrophic scars are generally raised and often result from burns and are also often associated with body piercing and pimples.

Acne Ice pick scars, deep though narrow in diameter, are the most common form of deep acne scars. Boxcar scars, angular and often occurring on the cheeks and temples and can resemble chicken pox scars, can also be deep acne scars.

Post-Traumatic scars typically result from car accidents, infections, burns, surgery, scraps, nicks and cuts. After any trauma to the skin, the body begins to heal the damage and as result of the body’s natural response, a scar will form. Scars cannot be eliminated, but they can be revised and their appearance diminished. Board-certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Vanek are specially trained in scar management and optimization.

What are Dr. Vanek’s Methods for Treatment of Acne, Hypertrophic and Post-Traumatic Scars?

Dr. Vanek and his staff employ the latest laser technologies for rejuvenating your skin for both of these situations. After your scars have been evaluated, ablative and/or non-ablative lasers may be recommended. An ablative laser like the Sciton® Profractional™ or the Sciton® MicroLaserPeel™ removes skin cells in a targeted manner to resurface your skin. New collagen is produced which improves the texture, firmness and appearance of your skin. The Mentor Peel™ is a procedure developed and trademarked by Dr. Vanek that combines the Profractional™ and MicroLaserPeel™ treatments to provide exceptional resurfacing outcomes.

A non-ablative treatment, like the intense pulsed light Sciton® BBL™, uses specific wavelengths of light energy to target specific types of cells. The fine blood vessels surrounding the scars are heated and eliminated, reducing redness and appearance.

During your consultation, Dr. Vanek and his staff will review the risks and benefits of any procedure. Your unique anatomy and goals will determine the type of treatments recommended by Dr. Vanek and his staff.

Request a consultation online or call 440-205-5750 to learn more about all of the laser rejuvenation procedures we offer for men and women in Cleveland, Ohio – including laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and much more. During your consultation, Dr. Paul Vanek will assess your individual anatomy, and discuss your aesthetic goals and your possible outcome in terms of your own structures. He will help you understand the risks and benefits of any procedure and empower you to make an informed, medically sound decision.