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Sciton® ClearScan™ Laser Hair Removal

Sciton® ClearScan™ Laser Hair Removal: How it Works

Laser hair removal using the state-of-the-art Sciton® ClearScan™ laser technology selectively targets hair follicles, safely and effectively removing unwanted hair. The laser energy from the computer-guided ClearScan™ is able to quickly and evenly treat many hairs at once, which allows gentle treatment of large areas of skin. ClearScan™ laser hair removal is safe for all skin types from dark to light and can be used on tanned skin as well. The number of treatments required varies among patients and our staff will personalize a treatment plan for you based on your individual needs and desired results.

What to Expect with Laser Hair Removal

The time needed for each treatment will depend on the size of the area. A topical anesthetic can be applied for the procedure if necessary, though the continuous cooling feature of ClearScan™ should ensure your comfort. Then, after your treatments are completed, you can throw out that razor and say goodbye to the endless routine of shaving. You can expect an 85% permanent reduction in hair size and quantity at the end of a treatment series. Request a consultation online or call 440-205-5750 to learn more about all of the laser rejuvenation procedures we offer for men and women in Cleveland, Ohio – including laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and much more. During your consultation, Dr. Paul Vanek will assess your individual anatomy, and discuss your aesthetic goals and your possible outcome in terms of your own structures. He will help you understand the risks and benefits of any procedure and empower you to make an informed, medically sound decision.