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Fat Transfer Autologus

“Over the last four years, we have really refined the fat transfer techniques we use and can offer good reliability of volume enhancement and good longevity of outcome, with an extremely small risk of complications,” explains Dr. Vanek, who is also a bio-chemist and researcher who has participated in NIH and FDA studies.

“Ninety days after a fat transfer, the collagen that has been transferred has remodeled, and the stroma and fat cells that remain after transfer are going to be persistent for years to come. As a person gains and loses weight, those cells will expand and contract as any other fat cell would. By three months, the volume enhancement that is persistent, should persist a year from now and should be there in five years,” explains Dr. Paul Vanek, a board-certified general and plastic surgeon.

During your consultation, Dr. Vanek will assess your individual anatomy, and discuss your aesthetic goals and your possible outcome in terms of your own anatomical structures. He will help you understand the risks and benefits of any procedure and empower you to make an informed, medically sound decision.

How Does Vanek Plastic Surgery Perform a Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer techniques have evolved and been refined over the years, and are now available to treat a variety of areas suffering volume loss, like the face and hands. Fat transfer can also be used for an augmentation, like a Brazilian Butt Lift.

“Because I have such experience with VASER® Lipo, I was able to develop this out on my own. I did my research and consulted with my colleagues, but basically, once I realized we were harvesting viable cells with VASER®, I made an instant jump to doing volume enhancements with autologous fat. Once we worked out a system for harvesting the fat cells specifically to preserve and transfer them viably, it was a very easy transition,” explains Dr. Vanek.

Transferring Fat to Where You Want It

“We can harvest fat from a number of areas that have a little bit extra, then process what we extract and re-inject it into the buttocks, lips or face. We take fat from where you don’t want it, and put it where you do,” explains Dr. Vanek, whose research and treatment results have been featured by Sound Surgical Technologies, the makers of VASER®.
“With the selectivity and low blood loss associated with VASER®, I am able to treat a person’s abdomen, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs, knees and calves in a single session,” explains Dr. Vanek.

VASER® offers superior skin contraction as well, resulting in an improved body contour in treated areas. After the effluent extracted during the VASER® Lipo has been processed, what remains is living tissue: stroma, fat cells, and stem cells. When this fluid is injected into the appropriate fat layer, they begin forming micro-capillaries and grow and thrive. Literally, your body fat is moved to where you want it, with natural, long-lasting results.

“Because it’s organic and your body’s material, it’s not an exact volume enhancement like an implant or a dermal injection. Fat transfers just do not work that way. Absorption and integration occur at different rates for everyone, and it’s not a direct correlation between injection amount and end-result enhancement – I expect volume enhancement to be about 85% of what I instill, although that varies,” says Dr. Vanek.

Expectations for a Fat Transfer

Some patients need a small amount of face volume to enhance their look; they don’t need a lot of fat transferred from their tummy or thigh. When you come in for a fat transfer, the VASER® Lipo procedure and fat transfer procedure happen in the same appointment.

“The cells must be alive to be viable, so we cannot freeze anything. There are some practices that freeze your fat for later implantation, but it’s not as effective. We have found that it is far more effective to do everything the same day,” explains Dr. Vanek, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

“With this fat transfer technique we can restore a youthful appearance where fat loss occurs with age, like in your hands, around your eyes and in your cheeks. Fat transfer also works well for breast reconstruction and revision. And it’s great for our Brazilian Butt Lift.”

During your consultation, Dr. Vanek will help you choose a treatment path that is right for you. After a careful evaluation of your anatomy, and an in-depth discussion about the probable outcome of various treatments, you’ll be empowered to make an informed, medically sound decision.

“No one can guarantee a great result, but if it’s an outcome that is possible, I am going to strive to achieve that outcome,” Dr. Vanek says. “Give us a call. I’d love to talk with you and help you celebrate your beauty.”