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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Vanek was recently nominated by his peers for recognition as one of America's Best Plastic Surgeons.“Please take a moment to read about the wonderful people I get to work with everyday. It’s not our team’s nature to do a procedure and say, ‘Good Luck!’ We are going to nurture you through your recovery and carry you through tough times. We will be there for you in your time of need. We are here to help you reach your goals and celebrate your beauty. I have carefully selected my team for their personalities, their kindness and ability to engage with people. They have tremendous experience. They are highly qualified, but to me, they all have great hearts first.”

– Dr. Vanek.

Mary Jo, Cosmetic Coordinator

Mary Jo, Cosmetic Coordinator, Vanek Plastic Surgery“My desire is to help you reach your beauty goals, to feel great about your appearance and to have confidence in Dr. Vanek, who is a warm, caring and highly skilled double board certified plastic surgeon who gives excellent care to all our patients. Our team works well together and I look forward to coming to our Mentor practice every morning!’

“It takes a special person to transform not just the physical bodies of our patients but their self-esteem as well! Plastic surgery, whether it’s cosmetic or reconstructive, is life-altering! While it’s true that looking better won’t fix everything in your life, it goes a long way to creating a sense of self confidence that helps our patients step out and face all of life’s challenges as well as life’s joys. Feeling attractive and youthful has great health benefits, too. We notice that, after a procedure, our patients make a new commitment to taking care of their health in terms of eating better and getting regular exercise. It’s great to see them over time, knowing that we played such a key role in both their mental and physical health! I just love my job!”

Mary Jo will meet and assist you when you come to our office for a cosmetic procedure. She will help you with financing arrangements, schedule your procedure date and book all your follow-up appointments. She is one of seven children, has been happily married for 35 years, Mom to four grown children, and Grandmother to 11 beautiful little ones!

See Dr. Vanek and Mary Jo’s approach to patient care in the video below (less than 3 minutes)

Sharon, Office Manager

Sharon, Office Manager, Vanek Plastic Surgery“If you want a pleasant, friendly, dynamic experience at a plastic surgeon’s office, this is the place for you. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, reassuring and they go out of their way to make our patients feel comfortable,” says Sharon, who has been working with Dr. Vanek since 2004. “As office manager, I can troubleshoot any questions or concerns you may have regarding our practice, office, staff or policies; I’m your advocate.”

When Sharon is not celebrating the beauty of our patients through her photography, she’s usually engrossed in a book. “We love to learn new technologies and procedures”, says Sharon, whose primary goal is to cultivate the practice into a successful, thriving place to work and provide excellent service. “If our staff is well-educated on the plastic surgery industry as a whole, our patients will feel confident and comfortable coming to us as the experts in our industry we want to share our knowledge and experience with our patients,” she says.

Ashley, Check-Out Reception and Before/After Photographer

Ashley, Check-Out Reception and Before/After Photographer, Vanek Plastic SurgeryAshley will assist you as curator of the Before & After photograph gallery. “After your consultation with Dr. Vanek, I’ll show you into our Mirror Imaging room where we’ll look at Before & After images that match your body type and age to help you better visualize your outcome,” says Ashley, who also photographs and formats all of the images. Typically, Ashley takes “After” images around three to six months post-op and presents the Before & After set as a take-home gift.

“It’s very exciting for me to see the patient change that dramatically. And let me tell you, most of the photos I take are very dramatic. I get a lot of satisfaction seeing the patients so happy after surgery. Because I’m the one taking the photos, I’m the only one, besides Dr. Vanek, who really gets to see that change,” says Ashley. “I try very hard to learn all our patients’ names, so when they walk in, I can greet them and build a relationship. And when we have those relationships, it makes work more enjoyable and fun. A patient came through a couple weeks ago and we had a nice conversation. When they came back, we picked it up where we left off. I think that helps set the tone around the office. I think that helps patients relax and enjoy this experience,” says Ashley. When Ashley is not getting your chart ready or helping you set an appointment, she’s planning her first trip out of Ohio. “I want to go some place tropical!”