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-Combo – Face

Before & After Photos: Patients with a combination of several procedures such as face lift, neck lift, endoscopic brow lift and/or fat transfer.

Case 50

Age: 74
Weight: 180
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Gender: Female
Post-op Timeline: 3 months post-op

This 74 year old Akron woman wished to look more feminized as she had noted with some hormonal changes that she said, “I look like a man.” She is a very lovely and regal woman and she wished to have facial rejuvenation. She accomplished this with a lower lid blepharolplasty and canthopexy, a SMAS face lift and neck lift with corset platysmaplasty. She has restored the facial volume losses that so much made her look tired and more masculinized. The roundness and feminization of her facial features were very much to her satisfaction. The patient found me because of my appearing on Channel 3 as an expert during the TV show “Think Health.” Her photograph are seen here depicting her 3 months follow up.