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Which laser treatment do you recommend for wrinkles and aging skin? A question for Cleveland's premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Vanek

Health Focus forum of Lake County’s News Herald with Dr. Paul Vanek of Vanek Plastic Surgery

I offer several different and effective laser rejuvenation procedures to make men and women look younger. During your personal consultation, I assess your individual anatomy, and discuss your aesthetic goals and possible outcomes in terms of your own structures.

Dr. Vanek’s proprietary laser resurfacing treatment: the Mentor Peel™

To counteract common skin damage caused by sun, environment and age, I recommend my own proprietary blend of laser resurfacing treatments that I call the Mentor Peel™. It starts with an erbium laser for resurfacing. It’s a 10 micron (0.0004 inch) laser peel using a Zimmer Chiller that fools your skin into not even knowing we took off its top layer. It’s painless. Then we apply a light application of topical lidocaine, and use profractional laser which gives us gated, microscopic perforations, kind of like lawn aeration. This aerates your skin by treating 22% of the skin, leaving 78% of it undisturbed to enable healing in one day, with great improvement in skin appearance. Depending on how much downtime you have available, we can adjust the intensity. You also won’t get white spots or patches such as those that may result from a Fraxel treatment. If you go out within about three days after treatment, your friends will probably think you have sunburn until you heal completely.

This process stimulates the wound healing response, and takes advantage of the body’s mechanisms of collagen and skin rejuvenation. By using them in a gated and controlled way, your skin can look more youthful in a week, and stays that way for a long time. As a bonus, a Mentor Peel makes your skin smoother and your pores smaller.

Dr. Paul Vanek MD, FACS
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